Test Session

xPress Roster

Welcome! xPress APIs are developed using open standards and contemporary technologies, therefore opening the marketplace to innovation and allowing users to select best of breed applications to meet their requirements. By using modern technologies (like REST and OAuth), xPress APIs embody simplicity by enabling direct communication among systems. XPress roster is based on SIF Implementation Specification (NA) 3.3 with SIF Infrastructure (Global) 3.1. Create a CSQ today!





Consumer Name: AdaptorSIF


Username/Password: Your community site credentials.

Consumer Name: What you can expect the consumer name to be (regardless of role).

Product CSQ: The previously created Conformance Statement Questionnaire (CSQ) file that describes the product to be tested. The other fields here are relative to the role claimed in this document.

Solution ID: The name of the solution (group of zones) in your product targeted by the Test Harness.

Authentication Method: The standard utilized to process environment credentials.

Initial Session Token: The user/service account portion of environment credentials. Often one-time-use and changed upon successful environment creation.

Consumer Secret: The password/secret portion of the environment credentials.

User Token: Verifiable user identity, in addition to the environment credentials.

Application Key: Uniquely identifies the application being used.

Environment Creation URL: The URL the Test Harness should use to submit a Create Environment Request, if any.

Request Connector URL: The URL the Test Harness should use to make data requests of your product, if any and not discovered through Environment Creation.

OAuth Server URL: The URL the Test Harness should use to contact your products OAuth 2.0 Server, if any.