Test Session

SIF North America 3.1 with Minimal Infrastructure

Welcome! Minimal Infrastructure is the basis of all SIF 3 solutions. Utilizing just the synchronous infrastructure, utility, and data services necessary to enable interoperability, it is a fast and easy way to produce a SIF 3 enabled application that will work well today (even with SIF 3 enterprise solutions) and is itself to grow into a scalable product for tomorrow. This Test Suite utilizes the North America data model. Create a CSQ today!





Consumer Name: AdaptorSIF


Username/Password: Your community site credentials.

Consumer Name: What you can expect the consumer name to be (regardless of role).

Product CSQ: The previously created Conformance Statement Questionnaire (CSQ) file that describes the product to be tested. The other fields here are relative to the role claimed in this document.

Solution ID: The name of the solution (group of zones) in your product targeted by the Test Harness.

Authentication Method: The standard utilized to process environment credentials.

Initial Session Token: The user/service account portion of environment credentials. Often one-time-use and changed upon successful environment creation.

Consumer Secret: The password/secret portion of the environment credentials.

User Token: Verifiable user identity, in addition to the environment credentials.

Application Key: Uniquely identifies the application being used.

Environment Creation URL: The URL the Test Harness should use to submit a Create Environment Request, if any.

Request Connector URL: The URL the Test Harness should use to make data requests of your product, if any and not discovered through Environment Creation.

OAuth Server URL: The URL the Test Harness should use to contact your products OAuth 2.0 Server, if any.